Biography (Page 2)
Sonny left the road in 1980 due to the illness of his first wife Joyce who passed away
in 1997.  He also suffered another hard blow with the loss of his two music stores
which had taken 22 years to establish.  Being very discouraged,  he had given up
hope for any future happiness.
In 1999 he walked into Rome Recording Studio and saw a familiar face.  Someone from his past. A
lady who had also been associated with the studio for several years doing background vocals.  
They had known of each other, but had never met since Barbara always came in to do vocals after
the music tracks were laid.

Being the shy person Sonny is, it took him a while to ask her out....but he did and on May 7th, 2000
they were married.  Barbara Curtis also traveled all over the United States singing gospel music.
Barbara  encouraged Sonny to finish a project that he started over 30 years ago.
"I may be prejudice, but I think he is the best,"
Barbara said. "I love to hear him play,
Sonny is a very talented musician but has never made his own album....until  now.  His
CD titled "Reflections" is now available (visit the CD's page).  It is a combination of
songs recorded in 1967, 1973, 1987, and 2002.
Barbara, lends her vocal talent to
several songs on this project.
Sonny and Barbara now live in
Somerset, Ky
with their prize possessions,  
Bruiser and JoJo
Only the beginning.
This is not the end of the story........